Woman of Faith

Paxton was raised with strong Christian values reinforced by attending a faith-based K-12 school in her hometown of Guymon, Oklahoma. She attends Luther First Baptist Church and is actively involved in various ministries.

Supporter of New Ideas

Paxton is a problem solver and innovative thinker. She graduated from Oklahoma State University (OSU) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has utilized her degree to creatively impact different communities in Oklahoma.

Prior to moving to central Oklahoma for higher education, Paxton operated an art lesson business, offering group and private instruction to elementary age children. She continued her community involvement while attending OSU, participating in multiple public art installations and shows. Paxton currently uses her skills and experiences to provide as many opportunities to the 450 students she teaches. From beautifying the school with murals to fundraising for new supplies during a time of budget cuts, Paxton has proved that she is willing to go above and beyond for those who depend on her.

Public Servant

Paxton teaches elementary art in Oklahoma City. She has spent three years teaching preschool through sixth-grade students at Martin Luther King Elementary.

From managing lessons plans and supply orders to making sure that all of her students are actively involved in art opportunities throughout the metro area, Paxton is dedicated to seeing her students succeed. She considers it a privilege to be able to impact students’ lives every day.

Dedicated to Family Values

Paxton believes in the power of family.

Married to Luther native, C.J. Cavin, Paxton has made her home in this community. The couple found their dream home in Luther and are excited about all of the positive changes that are being brought to the community.

After bringing home their daughter, Olivia, Paxton realized the need to make Luther an amazing place for her family to call their home. She is determined to bring positive change to the community to create a place that all families can be proud of.