I recently became aware of a special meeting of the Luther Town Board.  The agenda states that action might be taken in regards to the hiring of two new employees.  This special meeting brings up a few items of concern:

  1. Unnecessary meeting.  The point of special meetings is to take care of business that comes up but can’t wait until a special meeting.  The regular meeting is next Tuesday.
  2. Other obligations.  The school board will be meeting at the same time as the special town board meeting.  Since the discussion of the school superintendent will be taking place, it is imperative that residents and parents have the ability to attend that meeting, if they choose.  The Town Trustees should not be forcing residents to choose between these two meetings, especially since their regular meeting is next week.
  3. Topics to be discussed.  The Trustees haven’t officially approved to begin accepting applications for these positions.  The position that is being vacated, which the Trustees want to make two positions, hasn’t been discussed at a town board meeting yet.  While the position has been advertised for on Facebook, it does not seem like a transparent process. 

At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves, why the hurry?  Are we in a hurry to hire a person (or persons) before the election?  Are we in such a hurry that this cannot wait five days until the regular board meeting?

I call upon the current Trustees to cancel this special meeting and bring up these issues during the regular board meeting next week.